Suboxone Drug Treatment Center Rehab in Massachusetts

As one method used to treat an addiction to opiates, such as morphine, heroin, Oxycontin and hydrocodone, suboxone poses its own threats for drug dependence. Those who become dependent on suboxone will experience withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety, rapid heartbeat and tremors, when use is abruptly stopped. Replacing one addiction with another will send many individuals in Massachusetts back to detox and subsequently to treatment centers for rehab related to suboxone addiction. For these individuals, overcoming the second addiction and creating a pathway to long-term recovery involves committing to extended care at a sober living environment after rehab ends.

Men’s Sober Living Environments

For many people in Massachusetts, a sober living environment can bridge the gap between primary treatment for suboxone addiction and independent living. Men in Boston, Worcester, Springfield—and all over the state—can continue their recovery efforts at The Granite House in nearby New Hampshire. The Granite House provides a three-phase program in a residential setting that increases the chances of long-term sobriety.

3-Phase Program After Massachusetts Suboxone Drug Treatment Center Rehab

The first phase at The Granite House requires participation in group counseling and a 12 Step Program, restricts residents from leaving the house, and lasts a minimum of 30 days. The second phase focuses on developing life skills as groups in this phase address money and time management, continuing education, and employment concerns and opportunities. While still engaged in the structure of the sober living environment and regularly supervised, third phase residents have secured a job—or have begun to attend classes—and are learning to become self-sufficient.

Monitoring Program

Once a resident has graduated, he may participate in The Granite House’s monitoring program. Whether he returns home to Lynn, Lowell or Plymouth, the monitoring program helps continue his accountability through ongoing assessment of the recovery progress. With his sights always set on sustaining long-term sobriety, he can benefit from the additional tools to ensure the highest chance of success.

More information about The Granite House is available online at or by phone at 877-308-8338.