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Men’s Extended Care
in Derry, New Hampshire

Extended Care Program For Men

Extended care programs are facilities designed for those who have completed inpatient substance abuse programs to continue their recovery program in an environment that supports the new standards of behavior and personal conduct acquired in their treatment program. Halfway houses emphasize personal accountability, and are managed under guidelines that reflect a strict adherence to a sober lifestyle. Failing to follow these expectations usually means expulsion from the home. Gender specific homes are the norm, as this approach removes inhibitions and issues associated with inter-gender interactions. Transitional sober living facilities typically cost less than inpatient treatment. TGH offers all of the above, at an affordable cost.

Benefits of Our Extended Care

The Granite House has a proven history of helping men as they seek to recover from their addictions to drugs or alcohol. We offer support and educational programs that help our residents maintain and reinforce sober living concepts. We also offer 24-hour support as well as classes and seminars that bring personal growth by addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. From money management to yoga, we understand the importance that a well-rounded program plays in recovery and a sober lifestyle. An extended care program also provides the time needed for the addicted brain to clear, to form new habits, and an environment where clients have the opportunity to prove they can handle the ups and downs of life.

We Serve The Eastern Seaboard

The Granite House serves New England and the upper Atlantic seaboard. We have clients who have been referred to us from both short and long-term inpatient addiction treatment programs and who come to us seeking what we offer. If you live anywhere in the New England states or in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, our short distance from you makes the long road to recovery a more successful journey. We also accept referrals from all over the United States and some of the best treatment centers. The quaint village of Derry, NH offers safe, small town living for our clients with a vibrant 12-step community, coupled with proximity to the vast resources of the Boston metropolitan area, just less than an hour away to the south.

Men’s Extended Care Program

The Men’s extended care program at The Granite House is a place where great change is within reach. This extended care facility for adult men provides a three-phase program to help individuals create lives free from the grip of alcohol or drug dependency. Inside the facility located in historic Derry, New Hampshire, guidance, strategies and support grounded in the 12 Step program are delivered with care and compassion. As a follow-up to primary treatment, the extended care program at The Granite House is a valuable step due to three distinct phases.

Phase 1 involves weekly case management, restriction to the house, immersion in the 12 Step program and other features created for orientation purposes. Phase 2 focuses on life skills, such as time and money management and finding employment. Phase 3 features a transition to independent living, marked by maintaining steady employment, continuing education and career development, and rebuilding relationships with family members and friends.

Throughout the program, individuals participate in peer groups and each phase offers its own accountability group. House managers and group leaders continuously foster a sense of community and belonging, especially important during the early stages of recovery. During the third phase, residents participate in a group specifically created to help others and they can also run peer-driven groups.

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