Admission & Cost

The Granite House Admission Process

We understand that moving into a new community is a scary and difficult thing for many individuals. Outlined below is the process in which prospective residents can become residents at The Granite House. It is our hope this outline lessens your anxiety about making the transition and help understand what is needed to successful admit to The Granite House.

Initial Contact

From the second you make contact with us we want you to feel like your part of our recovery family. You can contact us through phone, by calling the office, at 603-339-4160 or simply use the contact form on the right hand side of the website. You may also verify your insurance benefits online. You will be in touch with our admissions staff who will be ready to answer all of your questions.

  • If you are calling from a treatment facility we would also like to speak with your case manager or therapist to insure you get all of the information you need.
  • During the initial contact we believe it is important to speak with and answer the questions of your family members or loved ones. We will make the necessary calls to ensure your loved ones have all the information they need about our program.

Phone Screen

After the initial contact, a phone screen will be conducted with our admissions staff. It is our hope the screening takes place the same day. We will call you or the treatment center to make the appropriate arrangements for this screening. The screening is a series of questions to ensure a resident meets admission criterion.

  • The criterion is based on a series of short questions that take about 10 min.

Securing Payment

Once the phone screen is complete the next step is to secure payment. Payment may be made up to one month prior to arrival. We would encourage payment is made immediately to secure a bed. This information can be given directly after the phone screen or our one of the staff will call to follow up.

* Securing payment, secures the bed, we recommend this is done as soon as possible to ensure availability.
* We accept all major credit cards. After the first month we will accept check, money order or credit card.

Scheduling Admission

Once the payment has been accepted and the screening is complete it is time to arrange transportation and schedule the admission. Transportation arrangements can be made with our staff and the treatment center or family. We will do what ever we can to insure you arrive safely and smoothly.

Admissions can be done 7 days per week between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm. After a time is selected for your arrival you will be met by one of our staff. At this time any new questions can be answered, a tour will be given and a bedroom will be assigned. The last piece of the admission will be the review and signing of the contract. The contract explains all necessary rules and initial curfews. Once this is complete the resident will be able to get unpacked and settle in.

Follow up

To ensure you receive the best care possible we will follow up with your previous providers and family members. We like to keep everyone who cares about you informed on your progress so they can continue to assist in helping you along your journey.

*Provided off site at Recovery First Physicians Group, LLC

Ready to get started? Call 603-339-4160 to speak with an admission specialist, or you may send us a message.