Drug Abuse Help in Massachusetts

the granite house sober living - derry nh sober living and extended care for men - Drug Abuse Help in MassachusettsUse any search engine with ‘drug abuse help in Massachusetts’, and in seconds you’ll gather many results.

This could mean there are many people inquiring about statistics on drug abuse help in Massachusetts, or are looking specifically looking where one suffering from drug abuse in Massachusetts can get help. These search results can be overwhelming – leaving many unsure of the important steps to recovery and the necessary steps after treatment. This is where our facility, The Granite House can help. We offer a unique and structured residential extended care program, which is specifically designed for men once they’ve completed their primary drug/alcohol treatment. We focus on cultivating and enhancing sober living skills so each can independently reenter the community with a strong recovery foundation.

Only a one-hour car ride from Massachusetts, we’re located in the quaint and historic village of Derry New Hampshire. Our ‘small-town’ feel add to the comfortableness and safe environment so many men need during this phase of recovery.

What sets The Granite House apart from other Massachusetts transitional addiction treatments is our proven three-phase programs.

Living Room - The Granite House sober living for men in Derry New Hampshire - Drug Abuse Help in Massachusetts - extended care services for menEach phase holds the newly sober accountable while adhering to a sober lifestyle while committing fully to the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Specifically, orientation, house expectations and Twelve Step Immersion begins in Phase 1. During this phase, all residents are required to fully participate in all outlined solo and group activities. Phase 2 emphasizes the importance of developing essential life skills such as money and time management, employment and career choices as well as the option of continued education. The final phase, Phase 3 provides the true transition into independent living. Residents now have secured employment, are productive members of society, have honed basic essential life skills all while continuing to practice the principals and traditions of the 12 Steps. All phases unite together to establish a solid recovery foundation which lends to successful sobriety moving forward.

If you or someone you love has completed a drug or alcohol treatment program and is in need of a transitional program, don’t waste your time searching ‘drug abuse help in Massachusetts’ on the internet. Use this time wisely and call us directly. Let us share our addiction philosophy and our success stories with you. Our licensed drug and alcohol counselors, nurse practitioners, recovery case managers and admission specialists are available to answer any questions and concerns you may have.

For more information about The Granite House, please feel free to contact us at (877) 308-8338.