Drug Rehab Centers in Maine

Drug Rehab Centers in Maine - Living Room - The Granite House sober living for men in Derry New Hampshire - extended care services for menIt’s no secret that there is a major drug epidemic across the United States and has hit Maine and the New England area straight on.

With alcohol being the most often used substance among high school adolescents, these percentages have slightly decreased, however, percentages heroin and crack cocaine usage continue to increase. For this reason, many drug rehab centers in Maine continue to open their doors with the hope to heal those suffering, and The Granite House remains the number one center to do so.

We know the disease of addiction is depleting, degrading and spirals into a horrible despair weighing heavily on not only the one suffering, but loved ones as well. From cheating, stealing, lying, and manipulating, the addict will do whatever possible to put his drug needs above anything else – including his well-being and livelihood. At The Granite House, our goal is to instill hope with encouragement and love so young men can reenter the community with dignity, a strong recovery foundation and the opportunity to be successful in society.

Kitchen - The Granite House sober living for men in Derry New Hampshire - extended care services for menRecovery can be overwhelming, and with our innovative three-phase program, men ages 18-35 can comfortably learn the tools to stay sober, implement recovery practices and begin to change their lives. Within these phases, men will:

  • Immerse themselves in the 12-Step program with the support of staff, alumni and the community in order to truly live the principals for an amazing and rewarding life.
  • Have more fun than ever expected. The perceived notion of life without drugs and alcohol can be a hard concept to grasp. At The Granite House, we build recreational activities into our programs in order to prove experiences in sobriety can more colorful, clearer and beautiful.
  • Gain the confidence, find a purpose to live and build a strong foundation of recovery for long-term sobriety.

With all the drug rehab centers in Maine, make the right one with The Granite House. Call our admissions office learn more in depth about our successful recovery program. We’re excited to share our philosophy on recovery and will spend as much time as necessary in order to ease any anxieties or concerns you may have. Addiction steals lives, purposes and one’s dignity. Let us help restore the life you or someone you love back to excellence with freedom from this devastating disease.

For more information about The Granite House, please feel free to contact us at (877) 308-8338.

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