The Granite House provides supervision and related services following graduation to ensure the long term success of an individual’s recovery. This Monitoring program involves developing and enforcing a custom written plan involving The Granite House, a client and his or her family members. In some cases, the Monitoring agreement may also involve the referring treatment center.

Evidence shows that a client’s success rate is higher due to this higher level of structure during the first year of recovery. Monitoring may involve post-addiction treatment, drug and alcohol testing, monitored 12-step attendance, coaching and referral resources, family support, and additional services as needed. The program is ideal for anyone who has sought out short-term or long-term rehabilitation more than once yet cannot manage to end the pattern of addiction once those stints in treatment have been completed.

The requirements of Monitoring may change at pre-determined times established by The Granite House. For example, Phase I may begin with weekly face-to-face meetings lasting up to 30 minutes, two phone calls per week and four random drug tests per month. Phase II could consist of one weekly face-to-face meeting lasting up to 20 minutes, as well as one phone call per week and four random drug tests per month. Phone interaction can help a client address areas of concern, including recovery and relapse scenarios, as well as challenges interacting with family members once again.

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