Phase III

The third phase of the program at The Granite House provides residents with the transition to independent living. While still engaged in the structure of the extended care program and regularly supervised, residents now have secured a job and begin to see the benefits of a self-sufficient life. In this time period their is a concentration on daily accountability to the recovery process.

They are making amends for past transgressions and developing additional interpersonal skills through continued practice of the Twelve Steps and practicing recovery principles in their affairs. They are actively seeking ways to be productive members of society, including running peer-driven groups and participating in the higher education and career group. They are also participating in groups focused on helping others and developing the skills needed to move on into independent living.

Once a resident has graduated from The Granite House, he may choose to extend his affiliation by participating in The Granite House’s monitoring program. This program helps former residents continue their accountability through ongoing assessment of their recovery progress. With their sights set on sustaining long-term sobriety, they can benefit from the additional tools to ensure the highest chance of success.

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