Dear Granite House,

Jane and I wanted to thank you, and the staff of the Granite House for Ethan's transformative experience there, from January 29 to Aug. 30, 2014. We attended Ethan's graduation at the end of August and we both enjoyed ourselves at the ceremony and were proud of him and all he has accomplished while there! A year ago, we could not have imagined that Ethan would be where he is today! He entered the Granite House in late January from a Wilderness program, where he was sent after being dismissed from a traditional rehabilitation setting, in a better place, but still somewhat skeptical of 12 step-recovery and the benefits of long-term sober living programs. He both bought into 12 step recovery and the fellowship and structured, yet flexible, phased approach that saw him learn, mature, grow, take responsibility and accountability -- and grow into a leader. For Ethan, the environment has offered him a chance at structured independent living and a chance to achieve, for us, the change and growth has been a joy to watch and experience.

Thank you, to you, and the Case Managers, Chris and Andrew, the Counselors and staff at the Granite House for providing the safe program and forum for life change and recovery! In addition, thank you for the monitoring program and offering Ethan the chance to stay connected to the house through meetings and mentoring residents. He enjoys sponsoring other young men!

Ethan is enjoying his independent living in Nashua and is doing well, but he also enjoys his connection to the Granite House.

Scott and Jane

Dear Traci, Jon, Chris, and the amazing staff at the Granite House,

Today our family is whole again. There are no words to express how thankful our family is to all of you. Your knowledge, experience and patience has brought our son back. Drew seems happy to be home, we are thrilled. He has learned to be calm, patient, polite and kind, is this my kid He is focused on his new sponsor and trying out new meetings. So far the plan is to get a drug counseling degree.

Jon's guidance with Drew and our family has been wonderful. I know he is used to my crying every time we spoke, but he was understanding and always made me feel better. I had relief after our talks. Thank God we came to the Granite House.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping drew. He has another chance in life, he can begin again...

Keep up the good work, You truly have changed our lives. We will always be grateful to this excellent staff of caring people and this wonderful program.
Thank you,

Daria, Jim, Alexis and Dana S

Addiction: For my son Myles it was like a form of cancer. After struggling with drug addiction for over 10 years and with the support of friends and family, Myles made a choice to seek treatment beyond a 30 day rehab to battle this deadly disease. The method of treatment was like starting school all over again from step 1 through step 12. The staff from the Granite House contacted me each week to give updates on Myles’ progress. This place is a blessing from God. The Granite House has showed my son ways to enjoy life without turning to drugs. Myles has decided to reside near Derry, NH and continue to not only help himself but to also help others to fight addiction. Every one of the residents and the graduates from the Granite House that I’ve meet have turned out to be respectful young gentlemen.

To all the Staff: From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your hard work and may god bless you and The Granite House

Myles' Dad

Granite House Staff:
I am writing to share my experience to not only endorse the Granite House program but to also show other parents of addicts that there is hope. My son initially spent 30 days in a primary detox/rehab facility. About two weeks in we were presented with the benefits of long term care and we began to research facilities offering extended care. The Granite House seemed like a good fit as it was a sober house which primarily dealt with drug addicts in the twenty-something age range. Other facilities seemed to be 90 days and appeared to be luxury facilities with an unaffordable price tag.

The Granite House lived up to my expectations - a no-nonsense sober environment that not only taught my son the tools to stay sober, it showed him that he would be held accountable for each and every one of his actions. Anyone in recovery or who is the parent of an addict, knows that recovery is a process and doesn’t just happen overnight. The Granite House immediately immersed my son in the twelve step process and slowly but surely I began to see changes. Working the steps led to securing a job and for the first time, he started to save money and truly lead an honest life free of lying and stealing. In addition to the steps, the Granite House provided clinical oversight with weekly one-on-one counselor appointments as well as group counseling where he and his peers would openly discuss issues they were dealing with at the moment. For the first time my son was around other guys dealing with the same pains of addiction. He made friends and for the first time in a long time, said he felt normal.
Louis spent 8 months at the Granite House and built a solid recovery foundation thanks to the program and all of the staff that make it possible. Upon graduation he moved into an apartment with others who also were recent graduates of the Granite House. He has a network of sober friends and continues to make us proud, working full time in the recovery field.

Thanks to the Granite House program and staff, my son has hope and a future. To anyone considering the facility, it works.

Louis D.

Before coming to The Granite House, I was just a broken soul who was suffering day in and day out. I hurt everybody in my path. Nobody wanted to be around me. I couldn't even stand the sight of myself in the mirror. I had nothing left. The only option I had left was to die. I had two options: Life or Death. I didn't know how to live life sober. I made one last attempt at freedom and by the grace of God, TGH was recommended to me. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew someone else had to teach me how to live. I embarked on a journey that would forever set me free. TGH allowed me to grow into a man by balancing recovery and eventually work when I was ready. They showed me a new way to live a life that doesn't include alcohol or drugs and I am forever thankful for that. If I didn't come to TGH, My family would probably have had to make funeral arrangements. My family and I are forever grateful for all the love and support of TGH residents and staff.

Myles K

I was not only defeated when I got to The Granite House but I was also next to death. Years of drug and alcohol abuse had torn my family apart, while friends had found it too heartbreaking to be around me. A life of isolation had taken a once promising young man into the darkest depths of depression. I had made several other attempts to overcome this disease including rehabs, doctors, psychiatrist, intense outpatient treatment, and detoxes only to fail. My poor family, who loved me unconditionally, were becoming ill themselves from lack of sleep and worry. I was at the jumping off point in my life I had to make a decision either chase it to the bitter end of give something new a try.

By the grace of God I was introduced to The Granite House. I was near the age limit for the program but was welcomed with open arms by a loving and knowledgeable staff from the very start. There was such a tremendous sense of community and brotherhood in the fellowship. From day one I could recognize the peace and serenity in the house. A daily reprieve was provided and suggestions were given that brought out the best in me. The case managers and councilors instilled a confidence back into me by pushing me to challenge myself in ways I would have never known possible. Weekly reports back to my family slowly started to build their confidence and trust in me again. When they visited I was able to use tools and a new life set of skills that over time has reconnected us as a family. I am so fortunate for all that I have learned through this amazing program.

The granite house held me accountable in all aspects of life and I have been able to establish myself back into my family and community. Today I am a proud son, brother godfather, hard worker and have been blessed with the ability to help others. I am forever grateful to all of my brothers at the Granite House and everything they have done for my family and me!

Chris F.

The Granite House sober homes in both Derry and Manchester provided a safe environment for my son. Counseling was available as was one -on -one sponsorship for the 12-step program. The young men had access to daily meetings and great support. There was access to public transportation and the home’s owner and the counselor were available day or night for information if needed. These houses provide a surrounding where recovery can take place. I cannot say enough about Eric and his houses.


It is difficult to put into words how Mike’s mother and I felt after bringing our son, Mike, to the Granite House. This experience was an answer to our prayers. Mike was provided with a safe, sober living environment where he was able to work on his sobriety and he had a chance to learn about the various aspects of his disease, and was provided the tools he needed to fight against it.

Mike is a wonderful young man with a great heart, and the potential to touch the lives of others in a very special way. God has shined his light on Mike and has truly blessed him by allowing him to attend Granite House. We have so much to thank you and your staff for, the contribution you have made to Mike’s life, along with so many others. We pray each day that God will continue to bless Mike with the strength he needs to shape his future in a positive way. We also pray that you will continue to be blessed, to touch the lives of so many others that deal with a terrible addiction.

We stand by as supportive parents to do whatever we can to support Mike and the great work that you and your staff are doing at the Granite House. We recognize that your work can drain every bit of emotional and physical energy from you. In order to make even the smallest step forward possible. When you face those times of extreme challenge, please remember our letter of deep gratitude and appreciation for the love and care you have provided to our son, any many others. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.

With sincere appreciation,

Michael’s Mother & Father

Granite house was so helpful to my son who's addiction to drugs was life threatening. They teach and live the 12step program, which is the only recovery method proven to be effective over time. Unfortunately, rehabs my son attended before really did not do that. The staff is very knowledgeable and they went out of their way to help my son and our family in some of our darkest days. I am grateful to the staff of Granite House for all their help and guidance.

Anonymous Parent and Mental Health Provider

Drug treatment does not end the day a rehab patient leaves a drug treatment facility. We truly believe that for successful rehabilitation to take place it must be an ongoing process, sober living homes help bridge the gap between rehab and real life.
We are thankful to all those who live and work at the Granite House, for restoring sanity to our sons life and ours. Their approach to recovery provides the inspiration and motivation that addicts need to address their character flaws and their behavioral problems which trigger drug and alcohol abuse.
The Granite House has provided this for our son, along with a safe and supportive environment, allowing him to remain accountable while developing friendships with others committed to living a clean and sober lifestyle. Because of its strong emphasis on the 12-step program, those staying at the Granite House are finding that these steps are not merely a way to stop drinking, but they have became a guide toward a new way of life.
As parents, we are sincerely grateful to the Granite House for saving our son from the addiction that plagued his life and ours for too long.
Rick and Sharon

Rick and Sharon

My stay at the Granite House over the last year and 8 months has provided me the vital 12 step focus that has allowed me to enjoy not only long term sobriety but the life I have always wanted. I am continually grateful and amazed that I no longer suffer as I used to. This has happened in a very short period of time because of the importance of working hard towards my recovery that has been provided by the program inherent in living here.

Successful Resident

Denise and I enjoyed meeting and speaking with you last Thursday. We also are very appreciative that you welcomed Adam into you residence in Manchester.
Denise and I visited Adam Monday evening to bring him some clothing and to do some food shopping.
He appeared relaxed and confident. He verbalized several times how much he liked everyone, and how nice they were. He also stated how he likes going to meetings with a group of men his own age.
I realize it is very early, however I am confident that your model is what Adam needs to be successful.
When I called you last Thursday, I was desperate for someone to help. within six hours he was in an environment, and a group of people we could only hope for.
I will always be grateful for your help.
Parent of a Granite House Resident

Parent of a Granite House Resident

Having my son reside at the Granite House has been a very positive experience and a blessing. My son has had the unfortunate experience of residing at many half way houses in several states. However, he has now lived at Granite House for almost 9 months and it has been a good fit for my son. My son’s last relapse before Granite House left me with no more answers for my son. I couldn’t figure it out any longer. Granite House was suggested to us by several sources to be a solid place to live for Recovery and I am so glad we followed these suggestions.
Probably the strongest asset that Granite House offers is that it is governed by the 12 Steps of Recovery. The guys at the house all work the 12 Steps by talking to their sponsors, journaling their steps, making amends, and attending 12 step meetings together. Also, Granite House has several House meetings a week and the guys are also encouraged to share their Recovery by volunteering for speaking engagements at Rehabs, Hospitals and Meetings.
As a Mom, I use to have so much involvement in my son’s recovery….I was working his recovery harder than he was. I no longer do that, my son is the only one that can work his Recovery and I strongly feel living at Granite House provides a very strong environment, if he chooses to stay clean.
During a few of my visits to see my son, I was impressed with the camaraderie amongst the residents. I was also super impressed with how clean and orderly the house is kept. I complimented the owner Eric Spofford and he commented and I agree…having an orderly environment helps keep your life in order.
It is worth noting some of the logistics; the area of the Granite House is a quiet suburbia, however in close proximity are grocery stores, laundry mates, CVS, Dunkin Donuts, Fitness centers, etc. My son was without a vehicle for close to 6 months and he always managed to get his living needs accomplished, by getting rides from others or walking. Also my son’s employment was initially a concern, but my son was able to find employment rather quickly, allowing him to pay for most of his expenses.
Granite House also has curfews and house rules that assist the resident in being responsible and accountable. Eric Spofford has always been very helpful to me in providing me with a status of my son’s Recovery and insightful in discussing my son’s home visits and suggesting expectations and limitations.
My son once said to me and I will never forget it, “Mom I wanted to quit drugs, I just didn’t know how to.” And it seems working the 12 steps and having a Residence at Granite House where this is reinforced, is allowing my son’s Recovery to be successful.
Signed…A very hopeful Mom

A very hopeful Mom

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